1 bedroom Apartment in Palma de Mallorca

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1 bedroom Apartment in Palma de Mallorca

The residential complex Jardins de Llevant located next to the Portixol and the Paseo Marítimo consists of 114 apartments of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms. These apartments is finished with the best quality and to enjoy life next to all services.

All the benefits of beautiful Majorca, combined with the cosmopolitan feel of a major European city, Palma is the urban jewel of the Balearics.

The de facto centre of life on Majorca, Palma is perhaps the biggest surprise awaiting visitors to the islands. While the lure of the beaches is strong, many will choose to stay in the friendly, cosmopolitan capital on the southwest of the island.

Palma is packed with architectural delights, such as the remarkable La Seu, the cathedral that rises out of the rose-coloured rock. Explore the labyrinthine medieval streets of the old town or the intoxicating buzz of La Lonja where you can spend days or nights sitting outside bars, drinking the outstanding local wines or snacking on delicious ensaimada, a pastry spiral, dusted with icing sugar.

Unlike much of the rest of the Balearics, Palma remains vibrant throughout the winter months too – as does the weather, rarely dipping below 16 degrees. With just over 400,000 permanent residents Palma has the infrastructure and amenities you need, yet thanks to a relaxed way of life it rarely feels hectic. This is a city that gets under your skin

The twelfth largest urban area in Spain, you’ll find almost half of Majorca’s population living in Palma, with around 60,000 non-Spanish residents. The town hosts a friendly concoction of people from all over Europe, helping to create the town’s famous buzzy atmosphere.

There is so much more to choose from in Palma than the usual seaside city. From convenient modern urban apartments to period properties cast in honey coloured stone in the old town. Seek out the exciting bohemian neighbourhood of Santa Catalina and you’ll reap the rewards of its amazing restaurants or enjoy the sea views in the popular harbour location of Paseo Marítimo.

Palma de Majorca is the island’s centre for healthcare with a choice of private and public hospitals including several A&E units. In addition, there are a selection of private specialist doctors and complementary medical services to choose from.

In the city centre you’ll find plentiful family run shops alongside departments stores and fashionable boutiques and designer stores. On the outskirts are garden centres and DIY stores. Furniture making is still an important part of Majorca’s identity, although you could always just visit the local IKEA.

The main transport hub for the island, Palma is served by its own airport, where you will be one of 28 million people who pass through every year. A more picturesque way to arrive on the island is by ferry which arrives in the nearby city port. Head over to the Plaça d’Espanya for buses and trains.

Living Costs
Although property is a little cheaper, you’ll find yourself paying a little more for your daily pan and cerveza than elsewhere on Majorca. But plentiful shops mean a good opportunity to shop around and avoid the pricier tourist hotspots.

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