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Investment Management

Kuadrado Real Estate S.L. is a property investment and management agency formed in Barcelona in 2017. Focused on finding key investment opportunities through collaborations with property owners, developers and agencies in the Spanish real estate market. Kuadrado also specialises in bringing foreign real estate investment to the Spanish property market while providing all related pre and post-sales services to investors.


Kuadrado Real Estate has agreements with different real estate owners, developers and agencies throughout Spain on a variety of real estate properties whether residential or commercial like apartments, villas, buildings, compounds or plots of land. This gives us the opportunity to provide clients with a vast variety of potential properties that meet their expectations and that are tailored to their needs.

Property Management & Rentals

We, at Kuadrado, are fully dedicated to our clients’ peace of mind. We are aware that owning a property, especially if it is not in your city of residence, can entail a number of stressful responsibilities that can be very difficult to manage. This is where we step in. Our objective is to leave clients with nothing but the enjoyment of their property.